SELFIE light and spike, perfect for every angle. Finely crafted using light and medium density lashes with an eye catching, soft and fluttery wingtip.

Our Ersatz Collection are hand assemble with fine synthetic fibers, precisely layered to offer a light, natural, dimensional effect. Reusable (10+ with proper care). 

Best Fit for these eyes






How to apply


Application Instructions

  1. Gently curl your natural eyelashes with an eyelash curler.
  2. Measure each Flutter® Lash with your eyes and trim as needed.
  3. Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue on the entire band. Allow 3-5 seconds for the glue to thicken and build an adhesive bond.
  4. Begin from the center of your eye and place the Flutter® Lash directly above your natural eyelash line (for lower lashes, place the Flutter® Lash directly below your lower eyelash line). Position carefully using a tweezers or fingertips. Allow 5-10 seconds for the Flutter® Lashes to dry securely on your eyelid.


Proper Removal and Care

  1. Moisten a Q-tip with makeup remover and apply on the band of the Flutter® Lashes.
  2. Hold the makeup remover over the band of the lashes for 5-7 seconds to loosen the eyelash glue or until the Flutter® Lashes have separated from your eyelids. To preserve the appearance of your Flutter® Lashes, avoid wetting the strands of the lash.
  3. Carefully peel off any remaining glue from the Flutter® Lashes.
  4. Place the Flutter® Lashes back into their original case to mold the lashes back into their original form.




Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
My Very First Flutterlashes! ❤

These were the first pair of Flutterlashes that I ever bought! I saw an ad on Instagram on Selfie Day that they were on sale, so I bought several pairs. I loved them so much compared to the Ardell lashes that I was using, so I've only bougjt Flutterlash since! I love how well ALL Flutterlashs are made, but what I loved about these was the different lengths of the lashes! I think they look very natural, believe it or not! Not too glam, but definitely noticable! Very fun! ❤



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